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Initial consultation

An initial free consultation in your house is how the process begins. This is done in order to view your contents, and make suggestions regarding price points and other matters to allow for the sale to happen. We review any time constraints or financial goals you may have, and come to an agreement on the services to be provided and the compensation arrangements (see Our Fees / FAQ). All of this is then documented in a detailed letter of agreement.



At your convenience, our trustworthy team will come into the home and sort through all areas inside and out, from attic to basement, sheds and garage. We learn what you want to keep and what you want to sell. We can walk through the house with or without you. Every cupboard, closet, cabinet, drawer, box and storage space is emptied and each item is sorted. During the process of cleaning, sorting, garbage removal, identification and organizing, any personal items found by our staff upon organization of the home will be put aside and kept for the client: identity, insurance documents, photographs, money, etc.


Professional appraisal

We will sort, research, and price all goods at fair market value. Our appraisal services include but are not limited to photographing, documenting and researching all items you wish to have valued, in compliance with required legal and insurance standards. We conduct market research, converse with industry experts, examine historical values considering the items condition, and assign a realistic market value to your possessions. We assure that you will get the most money possible for your possessions and even allow you to submit a minimum price for any item you wish. If this price is not obtained then the item is kept for you.


Preparing for the sale

We know that not everyone’s house is designed for a sale, and clothing racks and display cases are not always available. If required, we can bring in racks, shelves, display cases, tables, lighting, packaging materials, dollies, etc to make the sale all the more attractive and accessible to all potential buyers.


Advertising the Sale

The sale is advertised and marketed extensively in order to attract the largest number of qualified buyers for your household items. We place ads in newspapers, magazines, on the internet, we post signs, we have email lists, we contact antique buyers, we have contacts in real estate, in the mortgage business, in the banking industry, and the list goes on. We don’t stop advertising until the sale is complete.


The day of the sale

Our team arrives at the home roughly one hour before the sale. There will usually be a long line of customers eagerly awaiting the sale to begin.  When we open the doors to start the sale, everything is available for purchase and the fun begins! We have the highest success rate in the industry based on percentage of items sold during our sales due to our extensive contact list and large customer base.  From the large items to the small, we will sell it all! 


After the sale

As we promise to be there for you every step of the way, our complete solution with extensive range of services doesn’t wrap up after the sales completion. We then arrange for deliveries and clean-up or remove all items left from the sale. Left over items can be kept for the owner, or at your request we can drop off all unsold items to a local charity of your choice such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army. We make sure the house is completely clean and presentable for new owners or tenants before our job is done. That process can be as simple or as complete as you wish and is guaranteed to be completed by the end of the day.

We will leave you with a list of all items sold, along with the money obtained from the sale of your goods. You get cash in your hand the same day of the sale!

More Cash, Less Hassle...Relax, We'll Handle Everything!