Who uses us

Who Uses Us?

-This video is typical example of a client's phone call that we receive daily



  • You are downsizing to a small condo and need to sell most of your bulky furniture.

  • You have an elderly relative who must be moved into a nursing or old age home and you want to clean out the house before it is sold.

  • You are the executor of an estate and need the household goods sold immediately.

  • You are a family on the move and need to sell items before moving into the new home.

  • You are getting divorced and must liquidate your household items.

  • You have a house that is full of old furniture and junk that must be disposed of in a cost effective manner.

  • You want to have a content sale, but dont know where to start, how to advertise, or how to price the goods.

We know that all of these experiences can be stressful and emotional. When it comes to parting with items that are no longer needed, Sell My Stuff Toronto comes in to your home and helps make this experience as pleasant and profitable as possible without the aggravation or heartache. We guarantee a professional stress free alternative for people who simply do not have the experience, time, expertise or access to a large customer base.



Letters of Reference (just a few of the many we have received)



I would highly recommend Josh Horowitz and his team at Sell My Stuff Toronto to anyone considering an estate or contents sale. We recently hired Josh to handle a contents sale for us and it was stress free and very profitable. I would personally vouch for his honesty and integrity. I felt that he and his associates conducted the entire sale in a very satisfactory and most professional manner. I would use his company again if I ever have the need and have already passed his name on to a number of friends.

Lynn Stepka



I used Sell My Stuff Toronto to sell the contents of my home. Josh (the owner) did everything he said he would do and more. He got me money for items I never thought I would get a penny for. I trust him completely to do a good, honest job for whoever may need him. I highly recommend him. 




I would like to thank you and Sell My Stuff Toronto for a job well done. The sale went really well and we appreciate your services. I found your company to be very professional, in an easy-going way. When looking for a way to sell the things we could no longer use, since we are downsizing, I found your web site easy to use and answered almost all my questions. It's always great to be contacted right away when you do start an inquiry and you were just that! Trying to get ready to move, deciding what you need to keep and what you can't is hard enough, but your advice and opinions were truly helpful. We were very pleased with how you organized and displayed our sale items. It was great to come back after the sale to find so many things had been sold, in particular the large pieces! Just the fact that the things we didn't want to sell and the rooms which we requested be kept closed were still there and as we left them was a sign of professionalism on your part. Settling our account right after the sale was great and closure to a long day! Again, thank you for all your hard work. Obviously your advertising works by the number of customers that came and by the volume of sales. I can honestly say that I would recommend your company to anyone who needs help downsizing or moving. 

Karen Winters



Joshua is organized, efficient, and has an excellent rapport with people. We had some items that had been badly damaged in a flood in our home and some people had been rather rude in their statements, of course not knowing that the homeowner was present. Joshua was very polite in responding to those customers and I appreciate that very much. We had a lot of stuff that also needed to be taken to the dump and he was excellent in clearing our belongings from the home as well as taking all of it to the dump. Our sale was a bit difficult for him as not the entire home contents were for sale. He arrived on the day of the sale with enough workers to insure that only the items for sale were sold. Joshua is also a very socially active minded individual, and rather than dump some items, he connects them with organizations in other countries for those who will have a use for what otherwise might become landfill. In thinking of both the environment and those in need, he finds a home for many items and makes you feel good about things not adding to landfills. Thank you very much for this extra service, it is greatly appreciated! His professionalism was great and we are extremely pleased to have had him as our seller. Joshua is enthusiastic, dedicated and above all else reliable and trustworthy. I am very impressed by his work. I have never done this kind of thing before, and I highly recommend Joshua for any work that his company offers. Thank you for your professionalism!!! 

A.H. Scarborough



I would like to thank Josh, the owner of Sell My Stuff Toronto, as him and his company were a pleasure to work with. He was very diligent, honest and hardworking. After seeing all the hard the hard work that him and his team put into our contents sale, there is no way that we could have done it ourselves. The way he advertised and displayed all the items in our house was amazing. I would definitely recommend Sell My Stuff Toronto to anyone in need of their services. Thank you. 




In my experience, Josh and his team are the best at what they do. They are extremely fair, honest, professional, and friendly. They treat everyone with respect. Buy with confidence, sell with pride! 

Martha - Toronto, Ontario, Canada



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