Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



What do you do? 
We run a contents sale from your home. This is a sale held inside one's home, allowing them to put the contents of their house up for sale to potential buyers. We price, set up, advertise, and run a 1-2 day sale from your home where everything you wish to be sold will be sold! 


What can be sold?
Anything and everything! If there’s something you don’t want sold, just let us know. We know people who are looking for every item imaginable. We have sold televisions, exercise machines, food, antiques, household furnishings, cars, china, glassware, art, pottery, collectibles, clothing, tools, appliances, jewellery, kitchen/garden items, bedding, rugs, we've even sold half used boxes of kleenex! If it’s in your home and you want it sold, we use our knowledge and network in order to get it sold. We provide you with a quick resolution and immediate payment after the sale.


What are sale conditions and how much do your services cost?
Conditions vary from sale to sale. Call or email us for specifics. Our fees start from as low as 25% of the price obtained for your goods.


Do you sell single items or do I need a full house worth of items to have a sale?  
We do not sell single items (one dining room set, one couch, one tv, one toaster, etc) as we have no way of doing this and it wouldn't make sense economically. We run a contents sale from your house where we sell many items all at once. We invite our qualified list of buyers to attend this sale where they purchase the goods from your home. A full house of items isn't necessary, however, it must be enough for our contacts to see value in attending the sale.   


Will you buy my items from me?  
We are not interested in buying your items as we have no warehouse or retail location for reselling, and it would simply be a conflict of interest.  


How do I know my stuff won’t be stolen?
We have put together extensive measures to ensure that all of your goods are accountable for at the beginning and end of the sale which allows you to see a breakdown of exactly what was sold and for how much.

How much time in advance do you need to conduct a sale for us?
The more advance notice you can give us the better, but depending on our schedule and if we have other sales that week, a few days should suffice in order to get everything done properly.

What happens to unsold items?
At your request, any unsold items can be kept for you, bought by our lot buyers, we can drop them off at a local charity such as Goodwill, Salvation Army or any charity of your choice. Alternatively, we can do junk removal where we will remove any unsold and unwanted items that need to be disposed of.

Do you clean the house after the sale is completed?
If you wish, and if you specify this at the time the contract is signed, we will clean the house from top to bottom, leaving it in move in condition at the completion of the sale. Different levels of cleaning and garbage removal services are available depending upon your wishes.

I don’t need my stuff sold, but do you offer cleaning or garbage removal services?
We not only arrange content sales, but we offer a variety of cleaning and garbage removal services as well. Need a basement or garage cleaned out. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!





What is an estate or content sale?
A sale held inside one's home, allowing them to put the contents of their entire house on sale. A wide variety of unique and valuable items are available often at a fraction of the price you would pay in stores.

Do you deliver?
We do offer delivery for a fee.  The fee for delivery will depend on the item's size and the distance involved.

Do you accept anything other than cash?
We are the only company in the industry that accepts credit card payments. We also accept cash, certified cheques, and email money transfers.  

If I buy something, do I need to take it with me that day?
Usually, all goods must be removed by the end of the sale. However, this is sometimes flexible depending on the home owners wishes. Sometimes there may be a period of a few days in which to pick up your goods. All items must however be picked up no later than 1 week after the sale date or the deposit will be lost. Storage of your purchases can also be arranged for a small fee.

What time does the sale start and finish?
Sales are usually conducted on a Saturday, Sunday, or both from 8 am – 2 pm. Come early for the best finds and come late for the best deals!